Weather: 68

Pax : Slider, Kitty, and Snaphook.

WarmO: Kick w a Twist – Seal Jacks – Arm Circles – Weed Pickers, mosey to playground.

  • Ladders. do 1 rep of each.2 of each…3… and up to 10
  • Ladder 1. Merkins | BBSU | Squats. mosey and 5 SSH IC
  • Ladder 2. Reverse Crunch | Plank Jacks | Hand Release Merkins. mosey and 10 SSH IC
  • Ladder 3. Dips | Jump Squats | Low Dolly’s. mosey and 15 SSH IC
  • Ladder 4. Snow Angels | Chilly Jacks | Alt Shoulder Taps. mosey back to flags and 20 SSH IC

Mary: Catalina Wine Mixers.

Moleskine: Any day with Slider and Kitty in the gloom is a great day. we were very grateful for the fancy fishers rubber playground surface as we worked through the ladders. not much mumble chatter- Kitty and Slider sarcastically requested another style of merkins in round 3, YHC did not oblige. Gallons of sweat were left and good fellowship time was had between ladders. COT-PBTF.- Humiliation is the only ladder to honoring God’s kingdom. – Andrew Murray. See you in The Gloom soon! Snaphook.

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