HIIT and Yoga

Weather: 57 degrees and stars in the sky

PAX: Bumblebee, State, Faceoff, Bondo, Quickdraw, Zamboni, Logger

Disclaimer Given


The first part was all about HIIT (1 minute on, 30 seconds rest): Burpees, Imperial Squat Walkers, Lunge w/knee raise, reverse plank with knee raise, and mericans.

The second part was yoga where I channeled my inner Cosmo: We went through some Instagram saved stretches and hip mobility exercises. We went through a series of warrior poses, finally ending with a knee stretch, and back stretch.

Mary was composed of 25 flutter kicks and 25 LBCs.

Moleskin: I like HIIT routines for the chatting. No one is counting, your are just running down the count so you can chat either during rest or heavy breathing while your bustn’m. The HIIT got us warm and we cooled it down with some yoga. I think it worked out to be a good blend.

Notably, I did no Dirty Hook ups, and running was near zero. I will redeem myself next time.

Thanks Men!


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