Take Me Out to the Ball Game – 07.27.21 @ GZ

Weather…humid, 60’s (you want a weather forecast or you want to get stronger?)

Pax reporting…Kitty and Wrigley (Q)

Welcome and disclaimer

We warmed up doing stuff like windmills, arm circles, weed pickers, and stretches

Mosey on the outside path of the park to the 3:00 hand, then straight in and toward the ball diamonds.

Grizzcalator (up and down) on the bleacher steps.

Dips, step ups, and calf raises (40 each) on the dugout bench.

Start at home plate…lunge walk to 1st base…50 merkins…bear crawl to 2nd base…100 squats…army crawl/bear crawl to 3rd base…150 SSHs…duck walk to home plate…200 LBCs.

Mosey to the 9:00 hand on the outside path of the park, then back around to 6:00 and back into the parking lot.

Mary…American Hammers (20), flutter kicks (20), and high plank (2 min)

Recover Recover


Moleskin: Kitty and YHC have posted as a duo more than we’d like to admit. Neither of us like running, but we ran. Neither of us like bear crawls, but we bear crawled. The Grizzcalator was a better idea on paper and made worse on wet slippery bleachers. Got a little gravel in places during the army crawl which would have been better on the infield grass. We only had time for the top half of the first inning, so the Cardinals won the game 1-0.

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