Headlock’s 60th Birthday Beatdown

Headlock’s 60th Birthday Beatdown

60th book of Bible: I PETER (The Rock)

Luke 22:60 60 “Man, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Peter replied. While he was still speaking, the rooster crowed. 61And the Lord turned and looked at Peter. The highest HIM had a colossal fail! Jesus gave him a “look”. If it would have been me that he denied at that crucial moment, and I could have responded, I wouldn’t have given him a “look”…I would have given him pain:

R.un Indian Style to garage

R.ocks:  20 Curls, 20 Rows, 20 Overhead press IC (pass the peter (rock) after each set).

E.levens: Sit ups/Squats

S.anta’s ladder. 10-1 reps, run after each set, up-and-down hill, to location and do number of burpees. The gift: At 5, switch to merkins.

P.eople’s chair (wall sit)

E.verest run (only one reaches the top of the mountain but what’s important is just starting!) When you find yourself in the lead turn and run back to the bottom of hill.

C.ontrol Freak Merkins (any way Q wants to do them)

T.riceps Dips


R.un to grass by east lot

E.lbow planks

S.it ups

P.ull ups while all others holding plank and counting to 60.


C.arolina Dry Docks

T.oe Touch…By this point all you can do is ONE!

60s songs: Wipe Out (Peter)…I Want You Back (Jesus) Instead of giving him pain, Jesus restored this HIM and Jesus took all the pain.

John 21:15-18, “Peter, feed my lambs, shepherd my sheep, feed my sheep.” The point for this HIM who had failed, as we all do, “Get back to doing what I called you to!” No matter how we have screwed up…He always wants us back!

– Headlock

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