No Weinke

6 men posted in swampy weather

Yes, only 6


Bermuda Lap

Grass pickers ICX15

Finkle Swings 10 each leg


Hand Release merkins ICX10

Calf stretch

Supermans up for 3 count down for 3

Sprinklers ICX15

Last minute stretching OYO


Short Mosey

Start at Swings for swinging Tyson X1

Run down hill

Squat X1

Run to bottom of far staircase

Dips X10

Run to top of stairs

Lunges X10 each leg

Back to Swings

Continue up to 10 and down to 1 on all exercises.


Pickle pointers ICX15

Flutter kicks ICx15

Side leg lifts x10 each side

Hello Dolly ICX15

Pickle pounders ICX10


Mumble was light this morning giving the Q little material to work with. QIC arrived with only the “Thang” predetermined. No Weinke. It was announced early on that our group may be heading toward extinction given the fact that the majority posting this fine morning were Clinton Central graduates. We also discovered that one graduate from the “old Clinton Prairie” still can’t count or follow directions. This particular graduate did, however, find it amusing that QIC stated we hadn’t done swinging Tysons for a while, when apparently we have but QIC wasn’t in attendance. He’s easily amused. Another workout has come and gone and Piper is still MIA. Good news from Bubblicious as his dad had a good day yesterday. Gas Man also reported that the M is feeling better. Her back is in good shape and ready for extracurricular activities.

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