5 Every 5 with 11’s

Weather: 60 ish and dry. Great weather

Pax: Coyote, Kitty, Mr Bean, Miranda, Cheeseball, Dig Dug, Pappy, and Slider (Q)

Disclaimer and Core Principles

Warm up: Arm Circles x10 (IC), Weed pickers x10 (IC), Motivator from 5 (IC)

Thang: 11’s – 10 of exercise 1, 1 of exercise 2, 9 and 2…you get the point. Every 5 minutes stop for 5 burpees

  1. Merkins and BBSI’s – Run length of playground between each exercise
    – Mosey to pavilion
  2. Setup Up’s and Dips – Lap around pavilion between each exercise
    – Mosey to basketball court
  3. Shoulder Taps and Monkey Humpers – Run length of court
    – Mosey back to flag

Mary: LBC’s x40 (IC), High Dolly’s x15 (IC), Low Dolly’s x15 (IC), Flutter Kicks x15 (IC), Crab Cakes x15 (IC), Wall sit until 6:15 (about 45 seconds)

Recover Recover

Announcements: Upcoming retreat, CSAUP 8/7 (starting at midnight, post at all 8 AO’s), Convergence 8/21 at The Depot, Hit that HC button and keep EH’ing
COT: Cheeseball – guidance for steps with daughter, Wrigley’s family

– Took a long time, but I finally made it to Grizzly. What a great spot! So many options.
– This workout was modeled after the one I did down in Hilton Head. While they did 10 burpees every 4 minutes, 5 every 5 is more to my liking.
– Man, these HIM’s pushed themselves and me today. Excellent effort by all.
– Not a ton of mumble chatter, although Coyote got a small earful for mentioning another set of burpees.
– It was great to meet a number of HIM’s I hadn’t had a chance to yet.

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