Moon Landing Beatdown

Today’s workout celebrated the July 20 [1969] landing and first walk on the moon, with Apollo history lessons from Optimus.

Warmup of one-leg arm circles, kick-with-twist, imperial walkers and motivator from 3; all IC

Mosey then spelled out N.A.S.A. with 69 exercises of Newton’s Cradle, ABCs, Smurf jacks, and Alabama Ass Kickers, all IC.

Astronauts were 39 years old, so 39 prisoner squats, IC

Rocket was called the Saturn 5, so 5 burpees, OYO

You can’t spell Rocket without ROCK, so grabbed some rocks from the pile…

Five engines on the 1st stage, so 5 zamp hold deep squats, IC

1st stage ran for 2.5 minutes, so 2.5 minutes of rock curls, OYO, changed rocks

1st stage was 33 ft in diameter, so 33 skull crushers, IC

[1st stage was built in NEW ORLEANS, which @BISCUIT did not know…so one PAX learned something today]

Race/sprint to the stairs, with countdown start

Spacecraft was Apollo 11, so did some 11s in honor of Apollo and @STATE.  Pull-ups and Dips, IC

Launch day was July 16, so 16 monkey humpers.

Took 3 days during the Trans-Lunar coast period, so TL = Tunnel of Love…men packed uncomfortably tight together in a small space

Moon is about 225,000 miles away, so 225 meter run

Arrived in lunar orbit on July 19, so 19 pickle pointers

Came out for the actual first moonwalk around 10:00pm EST on July 20.  Optimus and Headlock recalled watching in their foot jammies…RESPECT

Armstrong’s famous line of “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” sparked giant leaps up the stairs, bunny hop style

Moseyed to starting point

While on the moon, astronauts took a call from President Nixon, 37th president, so 37+ seconds of low plank

Left the moon on July 21, so 21 Carolina dry docks, IC

Splashed down in the Pacific on July 24, so 24+ seconds of Superman

Picked up by the USS Hornet CV-12, so 12 HR merkins, IC

After splashdown, crew was quarantined for 21 days, so 21 LBCs, IC

Brought back 48 lbs of moon rocks, so 48 flutter kicks

Closed with words from President Kennedy’s speech in September, 1962, which is fitting for F3 also:

“We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are EASY, but because they are HARD”

Named TWO FNGs:  Welcome to Will Austin ‘NANA and welcome Jonah Austin HARPOON.

Closed with CoT, picture by the flag.

Pax: Nana (FNG), Harpoon (FNG), Faceoff, Brickyard, State, Biscuit, Headlock, Bondo, Zamboni, Snooki, Bumblebee, Optimus Q

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