7/20 – The Vet – Cardinals History Lesson

Weather: 65 and perfect

Pax: Clancy, GTL, Python, and Slider (Q)

Disclaimer and Core Principles

Warm up: Arm Pretzels x10 (IC), Abe Vigoda’s x10 (IC), SSH x 15 (IC), Frankenstein walk across street

Thang: Partner up – 1 Pax runs about 100 feet down and back while other Pax does exercise

  1. 168 Merkins (Yadier Molina career HR’s)
  2. 445 Squats (Albert Pujols HR’s as a Cardinal)
  3. 143 LBC’s (Rogers Hornsby career triples)
  4. 118 Lunges (2 is 1) (Scott Rolen career SB’s)
  5. 77 J Lo’s (Ozzie Smith career WAR)
  6. 331 Dips (Stan Musial career batting average)
  7. 56 Burpees (Bob Gibson career shut outs)
  8. 127 Calf Raises (Bruce Sutter saves)
  9. 11 Burpees each (# of Cardinal WS titles)
  10. 2 Burpees each (# of Reds WS titles in my lifetime)
  11. 1 Burpee each (# of Cubs WS titles in my lifetime)

Mary: Crab Cakes x10 (IC), American Hammers x15 (IC), Flutter Kicks x10 (IC)

Recover Recover

Announcements & COT: Upcoming retreat, Wrigley’s family, Sgt Rob Metz

– It was great to see Clancy back in action; Python as well!
– Clancy threatened to leave after the warm up upon learning of the Cardinals theme
– We started by partnering up in 2’s, but after the Merkins quickly decided to tackle the sets as a group of 4.
– While the Pax (cough Clancy) were less than enthusiastic to learn about Cardinals history, YHC was less than enthusiastic to learn all the reasons why Yadier Molina is not liked. Pax also tried to claim since Pujols is no longer a member of the Cardinals he shouldn’t have counted.
– Overall, these HIM’s pushed themselves and got stronger in the process. Well done men!

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