Spartan 3.1 1/2

7 PAX posted.  Weather was nice.

  • Jay-Z
  • Boucher
  • Daisy
  • Stache
  • Bubblicious
  • Pew Pew
  • Crabby PO QIC

Warm up:

  • Leg Stretching OYO
  • Shoulder Pretzels IC X 15
  • Arm Stretching OYO
  • Grass Pickers IC x 15
  • Bat Wing

Mosey to the far edge of the Happy Place.

Thang: Spartan

PAX performed 80ish yard sprint followed by 10 Merkins walked it back to the start line rinse and repeat x 15.

Mosey to flag for Mary.


  • Captain Thor x 5
  • LBC IC x 20
  • Flutter Kicks IC X 20
  • Hold Low plank until Recover


Synopsis of this morning. Disclaimer then stretching with some chatter… discussing how undisciplined a few of us were last week on vacation. Other topics included a certain pond in a county to the south, unlawful activities in Indiana, and pondering the whereabouts of our lost comrades. Pax took a slowsey to the east side of the concession stand and lined up for an eighty-ish yard dash, 10 merkins, and repeto for 15 rounds. Young guns were out front with Stache leading the way until Boucher’s blown gasket propelled him to the finish line and beyond. The other Pax continued on with the repeto for a few rounds while Boucher introduced himself to a “FNG Gary” at “Daisy’s Office” or at least that’s what the legend will forever be. Pax returned for Mary and we prayed it out. Good solid work by all. Let the soreness set in. Post on Wednesday Fartsackers!

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