30 something workout

Weather: a hot 84 degrees

Pax: DC and Zoolander (Q)

Disclaimer given and the thing began

Warm up: Motivators from 8, arm pretzels x 20 (IC), weed pickers x12 (IC)

The thang: while 1 person (A) does the exercise the partner will complete (B) then switch

  1. A) 30 curls B) Wall sits
  2. A)  30 goblet squats B) Low plank
  3. A ) 30 chest press B) Zamp hold
  4. A) 30  kB swings B) High plank
  5. A) 30 block mercins B) Burpees

After round 1,3,5 Murder Bunnies to the hill after 2,4 block throw to parking lot
Lather Rinse Repeat until 8:08

Mary: Mary: 30 LBCs, 30 Pretzel Crunches, 30 Heel Touches, 30 Low Dolly, 30 Flutter Kicks, and 30 Gas Pumps

Recover Recover

COT: Prayers for jobs for both of us. Looking for a long term job for DC and prayers for the interview that Zoolander is having tomorrow for a position at New Pal Junior High.

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