Weather: 70, clear, pavement damp

Pax: Wilson, Khaki, GTL, Chirp Chirp, Callahan, Biscuit, Headlock, Spud, Snaphook-Q

Disclaimers and Core P’s announced. Warmo: Weed Pickers, Seal Jacks, Arm Circles, OH Claps, farmer carry to lower lot north end.

Oyo do 20 of ea. 2 exercises then run to light and back. hold plank for 6. then 20 ea of next 2.. run…

  • Block Curls | Block Plank Jacks
  • Alpo’s | Wipers
  • Block Press | Block shoulder squats
  • Alpo’s | Kettle Block swings
  • Plyo Merkins | Calf Raises holding block at chest

Pax Choice on carry to south end. Zamp, Shoulder, Farmer.

Partner up for round 2 of 50/50 ea. accumulative p1 exercises while p2 runs.. switch..

  • Block Curls | Block plank jacks
  • Alpo’s | Wipers
  • Block Press | Shoulder Squats
  • Kettle Block Swings | Plyo merks

Circle up- switch partners. Mary w Blocks. P1 does exercise P2 Holds plank on block, accumulative to 50.

  • Block press while low dolly. count press.
  • 4 ct Flutter kicks hold block static
  • Take it / Leave it’s (got to around 30) recover-recover.

Moleskine: Weather bubble worked as we dodged the rain. enjoyed having Callahan, down range from Raleigh. pax busted it, Khaki impressed the Q with his focus on excellent form. mumble chatter really kicked in during the rounds of 50/50 and lenghty partner mary. Khaki and Chirp both destroyed the partner mary and flexed in YHC’s face. samples of blessings overheard today:

  • “Wow, guess the Q didn’t have time to reconsider sitting and laying on wet pavement”
  • “You trying to get your steps in today Snaphook?”
  • “I finally broke a sweat”
  • “Wait, what? how many!?”

COT- Safe Travels for Callahan & GTL’s 2.0 as she navigates travel and secures lodging in Tx. / Namo/ PBTF & Coffee.

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