partner up

Weather 70. Pax: Heart Throb, Sub Zero, Odyssey, Cheeseball, Snaphook

Intro & disclaimers. WarmO- Overhead Claps, Seal Jacks, Imperial Walkers, Toy Soldiers.

Partner up, occasionally switch partners on Q’s call. P1 does exercise while P2 does called out transportation to point and back- and flapjack. Heart Throb volunteered to ghost and modify as he’s coming off the injured reserve list.

Mosey to level 2 of Tarkington garage. 100 Squats and backwards running

Mosey to City Center drive stairs. 100 SSH, Stair running.

Mosey to Grassy hill. 400 single ct Mtn Climbers, running up and down hill

Mosey to Palladium. 50 Merkins/Carioca. 50 HRM/Skip. 50 Jump Squats/Run 100 Appolo Ohno’s/Mario Skip. Mosey to stairs for calf raises and aussie pull-ups.

Mary: 100 Flutter Kicks IC. 20 LBC IC, 10 Pretzel Crunches IC -L/R. Peter Parkers & Parker Peters, slowsy and recover recover.

Moleskine: Welcome back Heart Throb!! fun fact, he lives at the AO. He did a great job today working his way back from injury. Sub Zero attempted to throw the Q off the grassy hill after the 5th or 6th trip up, YHC informed the pax that Cheeseball had came up with the exercise idea of mtn climbers and climbing a mtn.. Odyssey and the Q both mentioned that we were hearing the gold coins in our heads during Mario Skipping. Pax busted it today. COT/ Injured pax, traveling pax.

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