Welcome to DC’s ool, notice there is no P… keep it that way!!

Weather: the one dry area in the north side. 81 degrees

Pax: DC (co-Q) Zoolander (co-Q)

Disclaimer was given and the fun began

Warm up: Get into the cold pool and do arm circles forward (10) and backwards (10) with arms under water. Under water toe touches-right over left and then reverse.

The thang: DC and I went back and forth on giving the exercises. We used 20 lb dumbbells for the exercises.

-1 handed, underwater weight carry. Swim underwater with the weight in front of you to one end then swim back to the opposite end with the opposite hand.( x2)

-Under water goblet squats: 4 squats per breath ( x3)

Partner work out:

A) Curls B) swim down and back (x2)

A) Arm extensions B) Back Stroke down and back (x2)

A)Front arm extensions B) Breast Stroke down and back (x2)

Mary: A play on Gumby – chest focus Merkins, into arm/shoulder focus Merkins, into high plank, into downward dog

Recover Recover

Moleskin:We had a shorter workout than normal because the other aspects of F3 took the front seat. As DC got to the pool he noticed a woman messing with a bike and asked her if she needed help with her bike but it took a different turn when it turned out that the bike belonged to her grandson with special needs who ran away and she found his bike ditched at the pool house. So, we spent the first 10-15 min driving around looking for him then the beatdown began. It was great to have a change in scenery and a mix of new workouts. The water added a huge level of difficulty and we were definitely tired afterward.

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