Partner Beatdown

July 12, 2021

Weather: 69 degrees and muggy

6 Pax Posted to the Big EZ: Sarge, Ace, Pantalones, Mullet, Springbok, and Beefsteak(Q)

5 core principles, F3 mission, and disclaimer given

Warmup: SSH, Abe Vagota, Sungods, Mountain Climbers, Plank Jacks,

The Thang: All were done with a partner and repeated for 3 rounds. P1 is the timer.

  1. P1: run, then 5 jump tucks, run backwards back P2: burpees
  2. P1: bear crawl down the grass “hill” to the tree and back P2: bobby hurleys
  3. P1: 25 Dips P2: Dirty Hook-ups
  4. P1: 10 wall step-ups each leg P2: 1st round rocky balboas, 2nd shoulder taps, 3rd imperial walkers

Mary: LBCs, Pretzel Crunch, Heel Touches, Low Dolly, Flutter Kicks, and Gas Pumps

Moleskin: YHC covered for @Toto who got a flat tire in route today. It all worked out and the Pax left getting their money’s worth. Used the grass hill for the first time….. not as exciting as it sounds, and it doesn’t sound exciting. Only one drive-by this morning and YHC didn’t let that slip by. Thanks for sharing your morning. Thanks for the opportunity men!

TAPs: Quick recovery for @Chisel’s knee. For @Ace and company as they head to GrowRuck St Louis this weekend. For @Beefsteak’s wife for answers to an on-going health issue. Prayers for all the men not posting this morning.

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