6 Pax posted in 65 degrees with 95% Humidity. – Boucher, Wapner, Maestro, Gasman, Bubblicious, Sliot- QIC

Warm Up:

Stretches OYO

Sprinklers X10IC, increasing tempo

Grass Pickers X10IC and leg stretches OYO

Arm Stretches OYO

Easy Indian Run to east end of Bob Sanders

Thang : GOLF

Pax split into 2 threesomes:

Team 1: Boucher, Maestro, Sliot

Team 2: Gasman, Wapner, Bubblicious

Each team given an exercise die. Throw the die down the fairway, run to it and complete prescribed movement. “Holes” consisted of chalk circles drawn by Q prior to post. Rules: Fastest to the hole wins (not least strokes). 2 burpees penalty for water hazards. 2 burpees to the losing team on each hole. Swap dice after each hole.

Hole 1 – East end of BSD to west end by pool house.

Hole 2 – Old flags

Hole 3 – Light pole west of Aviary

Hole 4 – Southwest CAP intersection

Hole 5 – Bottom of the stairs

Hole 6 – Southwest CAP intersection #2

Hole 7 – Happy Place/New flags


No time for Mary but plenty of planks and crunches during the workout. Two V-up/Roll-Ups for fun.



Q audibled from golfing on the actual course due to heavy rains over the weekend. YHC didn’t want to tear up the course, or our own knees, so we went Black Top Golfing ™, not to be confused with sling golf, lacrosse, or lacrosse. Plenty of Caddyshack references, accusations of weighted die, and a lack of golf etiquette. Both crews amazed that our putting game wasn’t better – something about practicing short strokes too often, or not enough depending on your perspective. Good light hearted way to mix cardio with full body workouts. PAX saved most of the chatter for discussing Gasman’s close call on the South Antioch Raceway. Prayers for our community following a rash of tragedies over the last few weeks. Thoughts and prayers to a few PAX in attendance over the impending losses of 4-legged companions. Hoping for a resurgence in numbers once everyone shakes off the jet lag after some vacation time. Don’t forget to tip your caddies. See you Wednesday.

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