OLD GLORY Beatdown @ Ground Zero 6/29/21

Weather: 73 and humid

Pax: Woolly Dutchman, CheeseBall(q)

Disclaimer and core principles given 

Warm up:
SSH - 13 IC
Weedpicker - 13 IC
Imperial Walkers - 13 IC

Run oustskirts of park while carrying shovel flags stopping at 3, 6, 9 and 12 on the “clock” for an exercise. 
O – overhead claps – 50
L – lunges – 50 (1 is 1)
D – dips – 50

G – good mornings – 50
L – lt. Dan’s. – 50
O – one armed pickle pounder -50 (25 each arm)
R – rocky balboa – 50
Y – yerkin (merkin, but spelled with a Y)- 50
Recover, recover 


I finally got my flag poles the correct Height on the jeep for them to fly with the windshield up, so I decided to do a beatdown on based on old glory herself. Was a little nervous that Woolly was  going to fart sack, but he showed up In time to loan me a knife to cut the strap holding my new gloves together.  After the warm up, we picked up the shovel flags and started our mosey. When we reached the 12 position we noticed a gentleman taking a nap in the grass and didn’t think much about it other than that it was strange. We kept going around the park doing our exercises (one armed pickle pounders are tougher than I thought they would be!) and when we got to the 3 position, a friendly Clancy want-to-be stopped and asked if we had seen a drunk man stumbling around the park. We mentioned the sleeping gentleman and by the time we got to the 12 position again there were 5 police cars in the street with tasers drawn handcuffing the sleeping man.  Officer Brad Myers stopped during our cot to thank us. Woolly gave him a stack of cards to EH people. He said he would be there if we started at 3am, any takers?  If you read this far, put the clock emoji on slack. 

Cot: prayers that the gentleman arrested gets the help he needs. 

Thankful for all the men I have gotten to know through F3. 

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