16 Rounds

5 PAX posted at The Depot for Nomad’s favorite workout – Nomad, Swan, Toga, Maestro (DR), and Khaki (Q)

Warm Up:


10 IC Weedpickers

10 IC Arm Circles forward and back


16 Merkins, 16 Squats, 16 LBC’s

Run a lap around the park

15 M, 15 S, 15 L

R&R down to 1 of each

(Had to modify a little bit on the running because the loop was longer than .25 which through off our mileage)

Total of 136 reps for each exercise!

Recover Recover


Usually the goal is to finish this workout in 45 minutes or less, but since it’s Saturday, we took our time to tackle this with good form for every rep! Beautiful weather this morning to get a good sweat in and work on our proper breathing techniques. So great to have Maestro down to join us from Blackcat (Frankfort AO)! Keep EHing and giving it away!

If you read this entire backblast, put a gif involving The Office in the thread

Khaki out

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