Westfield beatdown May 15th

Westfield f3 beatdown May 2020
Disclaimer and principles
Modify as necessary
Leave no man behind, leave no man the same.

Warm up
Imperial walker, head shoulders knees and toes, hamstring active iso, bird dog, wide arm superman

Partner up, grab a disc, stay together, slowzy

Jog to memorial, talk about Westfield, the memorial, Army SPC Kyle Snyder and Navy Lt Michael Murphy

Jog to fitness pad

Fitness pad Murph movements
7 rounds
90 seconds repeat
5 Pull ups,10 push ups, 15 air squats

Run to second bridge toward north side of Asa Bales

Disc throw and catch with partner
Catch 10 in a row then plank on the trail
Catch 15 in a row “

Play disc golf the last 3 holes
Take turns throwing.  After you throw do 3 lunges each leg except the throw you make.  In the water=25 burpees

Mary intervals 30 on 30 off

Recover recover
AO is now named The Depot named after the underground RR house locations

Pax had each other’s back throughout the whole beatdown. Way to go men!



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