Ground Zero 5/6/21

Weather: 40 with some clouds
Pax: biscuit, wrigley, odyssey, FNG Jason, cheeseball(q)

5 principals

  • Open to all men
  • Free of charge
  • Always outside
  • Peer led
  • Ends in COT

Warm up

  • ssh 20 IC
  • Imperial walker -10 ic
  • weed pickers -10 ic

*during the workout, if we see anyone and we all say good morning and the person says good morning back, all pax drop and do 10 merkins


  • Mosey to 6 o’clock position and Partner up
    • PAX A jogs back to start and does 3 burpees
    • Pax B – Marrionette big boi sit-ups (3 is one) total 50
  • Mosey to the 9 o’clock
    • Motivators from 8
  • Mosey to 12 o’clock (volleyball court)
    • Army crawl back and forth across the courts
  • Mosey to 3 o’clock
    • Pick new partner
    • PAX A runs to the picnic table and do 10 dips
    • Pax B does good mornings total 200
  • Mosey back to 6 o’clock 25 Carolina dry docks OYO
  • mosey to flags 


  • 20 flutter kicks IC
  • 20 LBC IC
  • 15 American hammers IC
  • Low plank / high plank

Gumby Stretches


  • Westfield and ground zero have beat downs starting on Saturday.
  • odyssey’s 7yr old gets a new headpiece from dentist today, prayers that she does well with it and the family gets sleep 

Moleskin:Great to have FNG Jason join us!  He tried a lot of excuses to not show up, but since he lives 200 feet from the park, he figured he should get after it. We saw 4 dog walkers, 2 of which said good morning back, so we had a bonus 20 merkins. Wrigley had a few dad jokes as always, even one about YHC’s receding “hareline”. Army crawl through the volleyball court was fun but we were all worried how we would explain the sand to our M’s, but wrigley knew immediately that he would just tell her that his girlfriend just got back from florida. 
Good times hanging with you all! 

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