May the 4th be with you

Weather: 61 degrees, cloudy

PAX: Faceoff, Good, Headlock, Optimus, State, Genie, Teddybear, Cheeseball, Odyssey, Logger

Disclaimer Given


Warmup: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Windmill, Seal Jacks, WeekPickers

Deathstar – 8 points doing 20 Mericans on the inside and 20 Squats on the outside with a bearcrawl in and out.

Yoda Yoga – starting with the hips and legs.

Kessel Run (same as runners duel) – 2 rounds.

Yoda Yoga – deep breathing.

Tuskan Raider – Partner runs down the path and back while the other does Dirty Hook up – 100 culumative.

A Galaxy Far, Far Away – run 30 yds – 20 Mericans and run back for 20 Jump Squats. Then Run 45 yds – 20 Carolina Dry Docs and run back to do 20 Bonnie Blairs.

Then some Mary to get our Princess Leia bikini bodies – 25 LBC, 25, Flutter, Superman/Ironman, 25 Crunchfrogs

Moleskin: Happy Star Wars day to everyone. Had to do the deathstar even though it always seems like and is a bad idea. When I planned this out I didn’t think about all of the running, but I did pack a lot in. I had to heavily modify A Galaxy Far, Far Away due to running out of time.

The morning was beautiful and no rain. We had Good back after near 3 months – great to see him, Headlock is pushing hard and recovering quick. Thanks for a great morning, have a great day.

Thanks Men!


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