Kitty shows up for Big Sexy, Meow

Weather: Chilly 32’ish degrees

7 PAX showed up for the Beatdown: Ace, Mullet, Butterfly, Sarge, Kitty, Springbok, Pickles (Q)

Welcome w/core principles: free, open to all men, peer lead, outside rain or shine, and end in COT!

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional and not responsible, church & F3 not responsible.

Warm up: 25x Side Straddle Hops, 10x Weed Pickers, Bat wings (20x Forward Arm Circles, 20x Backward Arm Circles, 20x seal claps, 20x overhead claps)

The Thang:

  1. Indian Bear Crawl from one end of parking to other end. While the last man bear crawl to front of the line, pax are doing Merkins
  2. Big Sexy. 3 rounds of 20x Pickle pounders, 20x Pickle Pointers, 20x Monkey Humpers
  3. Batan Death March. Burpees Catch Me If You Can Indian Run. Last man in the line do 5x Burpees while rest of the pax mozy. Last man catches up and shoulder tap last man in the line and rinse repeat
  4. Captain Morgan. In plank position raise on one side and bring the high side knee up. Like Captain Morgan. Each men called 10 in a circle, after 20 count switch sides
  5. Big Sexy. 3 rounds of 20x Pickle pounders, 20x Pickle Pointers, 20x Monkey Humpers
  6. Cobra Merkins. 10 count
  7. Indian Run back to the flag

Mary: 10x Flutter Kicks, 10x American hammers w/block, 10x LBCs, 10x The Dying Cockroach

Recover Recover!

Announcements & Prayer

Moleskin: Kitty was seen at the BigEZ. Owners – please message me. jk. There was mumble chatter all around. Realized we covered most corners of parking lot during mozy, did stretch little bit of every muscle in the body. It was my first Q without cinder block so felt little weird in a way, not sure. What is that liquid coming from eyes? Announcement, there is ruck next weekend which is starting from downtown about 20 miles up north and on the way men will be dropping food items. I did my part, now it is your turn to sign-up.

Prayers for Butterfly & family.

Pickles out!

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