Beater and Jimmy Buffett

Weather: 17.

Pax: Beater, Snaphook

WarmO- Weed pickers- Rubber bands, invisible jump roping, hillbillies, arm circles, kick w a twist. farmer carry block to palladium steps. mosey warm up lap.


& run a lap after each.

100 Curls

50 Alpo’s

100 Tricep /back block hold, w Squats (not sure what these are called) but they burned.

100 calf raises on steps

50 Plyo Block Merkins

100 Block Presses

Mary : 50 LBC’s IC

Moleskine: We pushed through it, and logged almost 2 miles of mosey along the way. a few pauses occurred, Alpo’s were more terrible than I remembered. Beater was strong, patient and encouraging as always. Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but hearing beater singing buffett songs in 18 degree weather is beautiful. Jimmy Buffett was on the portable speaker to help remind us of warmer days. COT & Photo op- (this is when my phone froze)- Beater’s phone picked up the six. Be safe out there today. Keep EH’ing !


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