Gift exchange

Weather: 25

10 Pax lunge walked out the door bright and early, and they are now better for it.

Disclaimer and Core Principles were spoken.

Warm-o. 25 SSH IC, Flying Sungods f/r IC, Hillbillies, and Mosey to East lot.

BONUS CHECKS: social distanced modified DORA. no bumps, bruh hugs or heavy face breathing. two spots between pax. combined : 50 Merkins, 100 LBC’s, 150 Squats. while partner is exercising, other partner runs to light post line and back.

ANNUAL OFFICE GIFT EXCHANGE! Pax given a gift, keep it- or risk exchanging it.

Cowboy- 20 Lunges (kept it). simple, yet useful

Biscuit- Motivator from 6. (kept it) exchange was from 5, don’t tell him.

Cheeseball- 12 Up Straddle Hops each leg. IC. (kept it), wise decision.

Fantana- Opened Apolo Ohno’s, exchanged it and got 25 Smurf Jacks. (ouch)

Nomad- Opened Bonnie Blairs, exchanged it for 20 Alt Shoulder taps. (thankfully)

Maize- 20 Hand Release, Release Merkins. (kept it). and he liked it..

Sea Bass- 20 Plank Jacks IC (kept it). another solid decision.

Bumblebee- Opened Moroccan Night clubs, and threw it. settling for Hallelujah Flutter Kicks

Optimus- 15 Merkins (kept it). poor choice. the other package was a new sporting clay shotgun : (

Cowboy and Cheeseball opened some leftovers : Prisoner Squats and Burpos.

Circle for Mary: Hallelujah Low Dolly’s 15 IC, Snow Angels 20 IC & American Hammers 20 IC

Race Nomad and Biscuit back to the Flags. a brief head start for the other 8 pax. & finally Pretzel Crunches. recover recover.

Moleskine: Lot’s of mumble chatter today, biscuit and optimus loved the sungods, and we honored our weasel shaker by doing one of his favorites- Hillbillies. It was fun to do a partner exercise again, even if we were distanced from each other. YHC has missed those. The Pax did a great job with the gift exchange, Nomad saved Christmas and our legs, by trading his in. Cheeseball didn’t want Mary to end. T-Claps to CPD, someone was pulled over in the parking lot, clearly the intent was to steal our gifts, but they were nabbed just in time. Welcome Sea Bass and Cowboy! Keep EH’ing! Give it away.

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