Monday Morning Movies

6 PAX posted on a calm 30 degree morning. Wapner, Piper, Stache, Cubby Blue, Maestro, Bubblicious(QIC)

Maestro Lap
SSH IC x 15
Leg Stretching OYO
Toe-touch squat-to-stand – (grab toes, squat, raise arms straight up, stand up) – x 10
Imperial Walkers x10 IC
Side Good Mornings (on all fours, one hand behind head, touch elbow to opposite wrist and rotate outward) x 10 each side
Arm Stretches OYO

A Squat and 2 Single-leg Lunge combination in ascending rep count up to 10. From Forrest Gump, Lt. Dan “ain’t got no legs”

Mosey to softball field


Sprint to monkey humpers x10

Sprint to Air Squats x10

Sprint to No Surrenders x10

Sprint to Carolina Dry Docks x10

RnR 3x

Mosey to Summer Flags

3 sledge swings each arm
Squat jump ~50yards and slowsey back to tire

Indian Bear Crawl back to Winter flags

Captain Thor
1 big boy sit up to 4 American Hammers x3(Ending at 3:12 ratio)
Recover, Recover

Kind of a quiet morning without Boucher random comments or Jay-Z’s “critiques.” That is until William Wallace really got going with loud “FREEDOM” that rang throughout greater TPA park. No Surrenders tend to bring that out of PAX. Another Jane story of course helped fill the void as well. Prayers for Jay-Z’s fam and others to step over this COVID hurdle and praises for the many friends and family we shared who’ve cruised through the virus recently.

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