The Hill’s Monday Run/Ruck

Weather: 35 with rain/snow/sleet and wind

14 pax posted: maize, Clancy, state, khaki, nomad, spud, Wilson, Lincoln log, biscuit, bubble bath, pontoon-19, motorboat, aaron(FNG), cheeseball

Core principals and disclaimer were discussed

Warm-up: no warmup since the Q figured we would get warm as we started rucking and running. Runners started running and ruckers started walking

Runners got in around 4.5 miles while ruckers got to almost 2.5 (depends on who’s Apple Watch was more accurate. We shall say motorboats is more accurate and go with 2.5). Ruckers went north on hazeldell and then behind nomad and maizes neighborhood to stay out of the wind. Nice pace for the gloom. Welcomed FNG Aaron this morning.

Cot: Clancy starts new AO tomorrow, toys for tots fundraiser being led up by maize. According to motorboat, we should not get crayons for the kids because the marines will eat them? I will not be at the next workout that maize is Q’ing if motorboat is planning on being there. 12/19 will be Santa ruck at the hill instead of the normal ruck. Motorboat to lead the fundraising campaign for that.

Picture by the flag

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