Isometric Wednesday

10 PAX in attendance on this calm 33 degree morning.

  1. Crabby Po
  2. Pew Pew
  3. Jay-Z
  4. Bubblicious
  5. Shamu
  6. Slit
  7. Boucher
  8. Cubby Blue
  9. Piper
  10. Stache (QIC)


  • Grass Pickers IC x 15
  • Calf Stretches 20 sec.
  • Hammy Stretch 20 sec.
  • Quad Stretch 20 sec.
  • Any additional leg stretches OYO
  • Batwing x 15
  • Arm Stretches 20 sec.
  • Chest Stretch 20 sec.
  • Back Stretch 20 sec.


Mosey to the happy place for isometric hold exercises with cardio in between.

Hold one position for 60 seconds, then take a lap around the Bermuda Triangle (quarter mile run) and come back for the next. Hold plank until all PAX finished all 6 holds. PAX could complete holds in any order they choose, as well as could break the 60 second hold down as needed – example 15 second holds 4x, then run.

  1. Plank
  2. Dirty Hookup (plank with arms on the wall)
  3. Wall Sit
  4. Wall Sit
  5. Hang straight arm on monkey bars
  6. Chin up on monkey bars or on swing

Mosey to the stairs

  1. Pickle Pounders IC x 11
  2. Hand Release Merkins IC x 10
  3. Stair Suicide

Mosey to the flag


  1. LBC’s IC x 15
  2. Heel Touches IC x 15
  3. Heels to the Heavens IC x 20


Keeping the theme alive for the week – breaking out workouts that haven’t been done in a while. QIC can remember only one other workout in the last year that utilized isometric holds. A good mix of cardio and holds that allowed the flexibility of modifying if needed and pushing the pace as needed. Estimated that PAX completed almost 2 miles of running today.

Thanks to the Frankfort Christmas Lights we now have a location where we can all be like Piper by practicing our laying of the pipe, at the 11 Pipers Piping lights. Hopefully he can find something to rub on that hammy to keep it from pulling right off. Some PAX today had recommended remedies for this situation.

Looking forward to Friday. Should be a good turnout after some meaningful weasel shakes post post.

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