Friday Funday

11 Pax posted this calm 47° morning: Wapner, Jay-Z, Crabby-Po, Maestro, Piper, Daisy, Humdinger, Bubbilicious, Boucher, Ariel, Shamu-QIC

Warm Up:

Maestro Lap (he did appear), Back Stretches, IC 10 Bat Blasters, OYO Arm Stretch, IC 10 Imperial Squat Walkers, OYO Leg Stretch, Motivator from 7.

Thang 1: Bataan Death March

Pax numbered off into two groups and proceeded through 3 rounds, rear PAX performing 5 Burpees before sprinting to front of the line. Smaller group held plank waiting for larger to complete.

Pax then partnered up for Farmer Jacks to the stairs. One PAX performed 10 SSH while the partner advanced the pair of coupons.

Thang 2: 5 x 50

Partners worked together to perform 50 reps of each exercise: No Surrenders, Merkins, Big Boys, Leg Lifts, Squat Jumps. Pax 1 performed the exercise while PAX 2 ran a stair lap.

Farmer Jacks to return the coupons to the flag.


IC 10x Marionettes, 100s, Cockroach Resurrection, IC 20x LBFC



YHC spoke with Slit earlier in the week who advised he would be out for 2.0s health. PAX quickly got after it and put in a strong effort today. Bataan never disappoints but always takes more time than expected leaving only time for one round at the stairs. Extra credit to Wapner who Farmer carried solo.

Have a good weekend, make good choices!

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