Anything But Arms – @ Grizzly 11.4.20

Clear skies. Upper 40’s. Light wind.

Pax reporting: Nomad, Maize, Cosmo, DC, Coyote, Jackie Moon, Pappy, CheeseBall, and Wrigley (Q)


Disclaimer…expanded to include best practices for social distancing


  • SSH IC x 20
  • Weedpickers IC x10
  • Various Lower Body Stretches

Mosey to the basketball court via the 400m loop around the playground

The Thang

Walking lunge suicides

Round 1

  • 25 squats at free throw, half court, free throw, and end line
  • 25 lbcs at base line

Round 2

  • 25 SSHs at free throw, half court, free throw, and end line
  • 25 flutter kicks (2-ct) at base line

Round 3

  • 25 Mountain Climbers (2-ct) at free throw, half court, free throw, and end line
  • 25 American Hammers (2-ct) at base line

Round 4

  • 25 Bobby Hurleys at free throw, half court, free throw, and end line
  • 25 gas pumps at base line
  • YHC note: we got to about half court of this before stopping and transitioning to Mary


  • Butterfly big boy sit-ups x25
  • High plank 1 min
  • Low plank 1 min

Recover Recover


Moleskin: After Monday’s block party, YHC was feeling like our legs and core needed some love. Not sure the other Pax agreed. Most of the mumble chatter was about how much their legs were going to hurt for the rest of the week. Boo hoo. Suck it up buttercup. Great line from the movie Miracle as they do suicides on the ice after each practice…”The legs feed the wolf, gentlemen.” Great morning to be outside both in terms of weather and fellowship. Lots of “dad” jokes being thrown around to help get Jackie Moon ready for fatherhood this month. Prayers for he and his M and their new baby. Prayers for DC who was struggling with gut issues during the workout. Prayers for peace for our nation and our leaders (whoever they may be).

Post Beatdown: 10 burpees owed to CheeseBall by YHC for his generous donation to the F3 Foundation Give2Give campaign. Remaining Pax joined in. Nomad came back from retrieving the shovel flag and was confused as to why everyone was doing burpees.

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