Block Party Walk in the Park!

November 2 2020

28 degrees no wind and dry. 7 pax at Grizzly for a block walk in the park.

Wrigley, Zamboni, Commodore, Chirp Chirp, Coyote, Kitty, Pappy(Q)

Disclaimer and 5 principles 

Warm up 

20 ic Side Startle Hops 
20 ic Imperial walkers 
20 ic twist with a kick
20 ic windmills 

Block walk around Park. Carry as you see fit just switch carry style after each pit stop. Pax make call when to stop for a workout round.  

At every stop lap 1 
10 overhead press 
15 merkins 
20 curls 

At every stop lap 2 
10 curl thrusters 
15 decline merkins 
20 block press 

Block lbc 20 ic 
Block American hammers 10 ic 
High plank 1 minute hold 
High plank with 90 knees 1 minute hold


Great morning. The walk allows for good chatter. Great weekend for most with 2.0s being filled with Candy. All seemed to enjoy the Halloween weekend. All Pax started with cold fingers, carrying the block doesn’t help. Discussion on the next best gloves to buy. Finished with COT. Lifting up all those requested and unrequested prayers. 

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