Spooky Birthday Block Bonanza

17 PAX posted with candles on their cindercakes to celebrate 32 years of evading death for YHC. A strong, BRISK wind was blowing in from the north and the full moon was bright.

F3 Principles

Free, Open to all men (& Khaki), Peer led, Rain or shine, Ends in COT


Modify if necessary because you can’t sue us

Warm up

Graveyard Dash (chatter feet, BOO=jump, Bats=hit the ground)

Shoulder Pretzels



Avg length of life (world) = 72

Years I’ve lived = 32

Years to go (since I’m hopelessly average) = 40

Today we did 4 rounds of each set x 10 reps (aka 40 reps for the 40 years of live I had left)

Set 1

Reverse lunge press

Zombie block drag (Bear crawl block drag)

Getaway driver (hold block straight and twist)


Set 2

Side plank merkins

Murder Bunnies

Grave Robbers (Hop over block then Overhead Block Throws (OBTs))


BONUS: Set 3 (1 round only)

Vertical block press

Frankencarry (block straight out carry)

Dead to the world lift squats (deadlift squat)

Zamp back to start


Slow Cindy Pulse Ups x20 ic

Bay Cindy Scissors x10ic

Recover Recover!


The first year I did F3, Cosmo brought a coupon for each hand for me to carry with me throughout the beatdown. I pledged to always Q on my birthday…and for the last 3 years I’ve made that a reality. I originally had 4 sets planned for this morning, but it turns out that the exercises I found in a magazine (sup Logger) were WAY HARDER than they looked. On the 304th day of the year, Nomad raked in his 250th post in 2020 #T-CLAPS & Clancy pointed out that even though he had to leave in the middle of his first F3 post (which YHC was the Q), he made it through the whole beatdown today #T-CLAPS

Clancy’s message really hit home for YHC. I started F3 at a time in my life where I would come home from work and lie on the floor and let me kids crawl on me because I did not have enough energy to actually play with them. Three and a half years later I am down 30+ lbs, I run Spartan races for fun, and I am the dad that is outside playing with my kids so much that all of the neighborhood kids come over to play. Thanks to all of you for pushing me, holding me accountable, and being my friend.

F3 Fall Retreat is next weekend, please pay Nomad to secure your spot. Teddy Bear will be starting a cold winter gear order soon, so save up for your AO-specific hoodie or 1/4 zip. Tomorrow F3 Dads is sponsoring our ruck – so bring kids, candy, and costume and meet us at the hill at 0700.

Until next time,


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