The Battle at the Hill

Ultimate Frisbee!

Weather: 43 degrees

Pax posted: 15

Welcome w/ Core Principles: Free, open to all Men, Peer Lead, outside rain or shine, and end in COT! (Maybe forgot this 🤔)

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional and not responsible, Church and F3 are not responsible.

Warm up:

• Stretched

• Picked teams

• Mosey to concrete field

Thang: Ultimate Frisbee and workout

• We threw a frisbee, ran hard, scored, and did punishments. Punishment today was 10 SSH.

Mosey up to top for COT



Recover Recover!

Moleskin: The air was cold but these guys were ready! Teams were picked by way of the card! Q tried to warn those dressed as if it were Winter, that they would be warm very shortly! Sure enough, those layers were peeled off as the game began to get competitive. The game started out even at 1 a piece and a late straggler stretched with the intent to perform. As we played on, it was clear of some skills on our concrete field; Teddy Bear and Tulip never drop anything, ponzi can throw a frisbee to Mars, and Clancy is a secret agent (he could be). Logger tried to leave early, but the frisbee kept calling him to stay for more and apparently nobody guards Khaki (that’s what we kept hearing hehe). Prayers were said and the Q tried to take multiple pics, and was successful until he was convinced that he wasn’t. Yes, I pulled a Logger smh! Great work Men!

Chirp Chirp

Love you guys!

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