All fun n games until people get stronger!

Fun workout games for core strength!

Temp: 43 and cool

Pax: 15

Disclaimer: short description of F3 craziness and 5 core principles! Apparently nobody is responsible for your decisions this morning except you!!

Warmups: x10


• Weed picker

• Imperial walker

• Motivator from 3

Thang: Fun workout games

• Thang 1: Red Light/Green Light with Bear Crawls! Bear Crawl when traffic light says green, stop on red (do 5 Merkins)! Punishment for moving on Red! 20 Merkins, all others 10 Merkins. 5-10 min

• Thang 2: Plank Races! Break into teams and perform plank races. Everyone does punishment, losers do double! Bad form or cheating will cost triple! 10 Merkins 10-15 min

• Thang 3: 10-ct EMOM! Everyone does the series of exercises in 1 min intervals, while adding an exercise and rep every min on the minute. When finished with the reps, hold plank! See sheet for exercises! 13 min

• Thang 4: Thunder Struck burpee challenge! Play thunderstruck and burpee on every thunder or thunderstruck mentioned in the song! 5 min

• Thang 5: if we have time, Musical Planks! Play music and when music stops, jump into plank position! Last one to plank loses and does punishment! Hold plank until next loser, then rejoin the game! Whatever time remains till 6:10

Mary: 5 min until 6:15

• Flutter Kicks

• High Dolly

• Low Dolly

• Heel touches

• Hold Plank (if needed)

Recover, Recover

Moleskin: It was announced that we were playing games to strengthen our core! I could tell that those who knew me, knew my definition of “fun” and were skeptical. As soon as the words “bear crawl” cane out of my mouth, so did the mumble chatter. We had a great showing this morning including 2 FNG and a new Name-O. Biscuit seems crazy enough for this group so welcome. It was great to see Swayzee for the post this morning! Overall, it was a FUN workout and we could feel it. Thanks for pushing men! Chirp

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