IPC ain’t got nothin on me

64F and clear

Pax: Khaki, Dr. Prokchop, Maize, Nomad, Woolly Dutchman, Headlock, State, Tulip, Pontoon 19, Square, Kindergarten Cop, Cheeseball, Ponzi, Motorboat

Disclaimer given

Shoulder pretzel x15IC
Windmills x15IC
Kick with Twist x15IC

The Thang
Zamp carry to the lower parking lot and partner up
As a team complete 100 tombstones and 100 chest press. 1 person doing the exercise and the other zamp/rifle carry to the light and back

Burpees and Squat thrusters from each side of the parking lot (about 100m each way)
AMRAP – 7 min (cut short due to time)
1 burpee per round
10 goblet squats
10 block situps
10 4ct flutter kicks
At the end of the AMRAP 8-# of rounds completed = 8ct man makers

Zamp Carry back to the circle
Zamp Hold x45 seconds, if everyone can hold then we are done.

Recover Recover!

Beautiful morning for a beatdown! This morning had a mix of cardio and strength.
YHC learned that cutting an exercise short for pax that are close to the end can be disheartening and YHC will work to correct that in the future. YHC has been pushing AARs after workouts this week; so we can work to accelerate our leadership skills. Keep accelerating. Keep giving it away! Always an honor to lead!

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