The Secret Spot

7 PAX posted in the Friday gloom for some beatdown and exploration at Grizzly. After some mumblechatter from One Direction about how much colder it is here than it is in Durham, NC, the disclaimer was given and we got right to it.

Warm up:

Fartleks (30s mosey, 30s sprint)

Abe Vigodas

Shoulder Pretzels

Finkle Swings

The Thang:


Dirty Hook-Ups 

Wall sit


Wall sit

Mosey to secret area


Burp-back mountain (P1 starts working on 100 cumulative burpees, P2 runs up/down hill 5x, flip flop)

Feel the Bern, Lt. Dan (1 squat, run backwards up hill, 4 single count lunges, run down hill, r&r up to 10 squats & 40 lunges)

Mosey to the start

Jack Webb’s 


Plank in and outs


Toby Maguire

Recover Recover!


Zamboni was very excited about the frost…the rest of the PAX were not. We had an #OverheadAtF3 moment when Cosmo misheard Zamboni’s “Finkle Swings” warm up exercise as “Pickle Swings”. It took a while for PAX to recover from that image…especially as YHC invited everyone to “follow him to the secret spot”. On our mosey, we heard voices and saw a couple of guys that were NOT exercising at 0545. We decided to take a longer path to the secret spot as we kept an eye on the suspicious duo until they crossed the bridge. 

The secret spot involved a lot of groaning, a few spills, & way too much sweat for the temperature hovering just above freezing. Through gritted teeth and aching legs, Jackie Moon suggested making Friday leg day after he killed everyone’s legs last Friday.

We arrived back at the start, thankful to see our vehicles still in the parking lot. Either way, the secret spot would have been worth it.

Until next time,


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