4 Corners (7’s) – alternate uses for a mask

Q: Square
Pax: Cougar, Nomad, Dr. Porkchop

F3 Core Principles

Side Straddle Hop x 15 IC
Weed pickers x 10 IC
Kick w/ a Twist x 15 IC
Runners pose stretch sequence

Mosey around the lot to the 1st corner

The Thang: 4 Corners
3 blocks for a total of 6 exercises.
Each lap around the 4 corners stacked the previous exercise
i.e. lap 1 was a total of 28 reps, and lap 2 was a total of 42 reps between both exercises (with rep count exceptions listed below)
Jog from 1 corner to the next

BEGIN first round of 2 laps
Lap 1. Burpees x7
Lap 2. add Merkins x14
rest for a 10 count

RESET Count and begin a new round of 2 laps
Lap 1. Flutter Kicks x7 IC
Lap 2. add Squats x14
rest for a 10 count

RESET Count and begin a new round of 2 laps
Lap 1. Merkins x20
Lap 2. add Arm Circles (plus Sky Reachers) x14 IC

Crunchy Frogs x14 IC
Alternating Bicycles x14 IC
LBC’s x14 IC
American twists x20 IC

Recover Recover!

I modified the 7 of Diamonds workout taken from F3Nation website. I think it worked out great. I’ll definitely reuse that structure again in the future with different exercises.
I’ve enjoyed the process of coming up with new workouts each time so it’s nice to have starting points like backblasts and the www.f3nation.com site.

I modified some rep counts and structure mid-workout fit the difficulty I was going for. I think everyone agreed arm circles and sky reachers at the end were tough. We all felt the burn.

During the workout we discussed alternate uses for a disposable cloth mask. It had something to do with every day and routine activities.
I’ll just leave it at that. You had to be there. 🙂

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