Maybe Last T-shirt Day

Weather: Low 60’s

6 Pax Posted: Beefsteak(Q), Pickles, Mullet, Waterboy, Springbok, Sarge

Disclaimer and Core Principles

Warm-up: SSH, Sungods, Abe Vagotas, Weekpickers, Imperial Walkers


Mosey to the Wall. Dirty Hook-up. Stand stands (no tunnel of love due to distancing). Partner-up: P1 Wall Sits, P2 20x Squats, repeat 3x.

Mosey to the middle lot. Bear claw with kick-throughs on each line.

Mosey to the lower lot. Each Pax picks an exercise. Run to light pole, 20 reps, run back, 20 reps. Switch to next exercise. Exercises were: Merkins, Crab Cakes, Monkey Humpers, Pickle Pounders, American Hammers, and Leg Lifts.

Mosey back to circle. Circle Burp 2x

6MOM: LBCs, Motorboat Knee Slides, Flutters

Recover Recover

Moleskin: Pickles came in later than hot, so extra spicy gherkin style. Welcome to Waterboy, Mullet’s 2.0. Tribute to Logger with the dirty hook-up and tunnel of love with no love. Thanks for the opportunity men!

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