Reps with a Friend.

6 Posted. A balmy 55 degrees after Mondays freeze. – Kitty, Coyote, Cosmos, Nomad, Zoolander, Pappy-Q.

Warm up 

Welcome and Disclaimer (while still half asleep) 

20x IC side straddle 
20x IC imperial walkers 
20x  IC windmills 
10x IC arm forward

10X IC arm back
20 over head claps 


Mosey to Kona Ice trailer (unfortunately they aren’t open at 5:30 am

Partner up for Partner Reps 

100 partner Combined merkins while partner mate Runs length and back of Parking lot  bear claws parking lot length than switch 

200 Partner Combined squats, same running as above  

300 Partner Combined LBCS,  partner run as above  

400 Partner Combined calf raises,  partner run as above  

300 Partner Combined Air overhead presses,  partner run as above  

200 Partner Combined dips, partner run as above  

100 Partner Combined shoulder taps, partner run as above  

20 flutter 
15 high dollies
15 low dollies 
10 side LBCs

10 other side LBCs 

20 hammers 



Normal warm up Chatter. Happy Birthday to Nomad and welcomed Zoolander back from Owl bear. During workout chatter subsided and was replaced with the sounds of grunting and other random noises. Workout ended on our sixes after Mary and all remain for a few.

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