Monday Run/Ruck

14 Pax braved the gloom on a chilly 37 degree morning.

Disclaimer, warmo- rubber band stretches from 10, and arm circles.

Runners ran to Founders Park and ran around some more and ran back.

Ruckers headed south then dropped rucks and ran through the Overture neighborhood. returned to rucks, rucked some more and some more. @ 3 miles total

Moleskin: YHC wasn’t really on his A game today with instructions, COT, countoff, namorama, or the photo.. (Pax photo looked as fuzzy at DC’s face). however I made up for that earlier by leading the Pax through several sets of sprinklers. they had just finished running so they were very grateful to get a little water sprayed on them in 37 degree temps. Great F2, Awesome time with you all this a.m. Best of Luck to Nomad and Teddy Bear as they scout the mountain bike trails at Brown County today.

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