6 pax at Grizzly. 40 degrees, clear skies, crisp. Welcome, disclaimer, core principles.

Warm-up: overhead claps ICx15, sun gods ICx10, monkey humpers ICx10, kick with a twist ICx15, SSH ICx20.

Mosey to old Marsh lot

Thang: ladders. Each parking lot line is rung on ladder. Mosey between rungs. Come back down ladder back to starting point. 3 rounds – round 1 arms, round 2 legs, round 3 abs.

Arms: plank if finished early

10 Carolina Dry docks

20 Hand Release Merks

30 Dips

40 Shoulder taps (1 shoulder = 1 rep)

50 Moroccan claps (Moroccan night club + overhead clap)

Legs: squat hold if finished early

10 Plank jacks

20 Bobby Hurleys

30 High Knees

40 Squats

50 SSH

Abs: C sit if finished early

10 Bay City Scissors

20 Crunchy Frogs

30 Pickle pointers

40 Pickle pounders

50 American Hammers

Slowsy across lot towards Brooks School Rd – butt kickers, high knees, lunge wall, karaoke each direction. Mosey back to wall.

Motivator from 6. Low plank hold 1 minute. Recover recover!

Moleskin – the old Marsh lot provided some much needed light in the gloom of Grizzly. Q cautioned pax to look out for hazards in the abandoned lot – broken glass, needles, used prophylactics and the like. Not much mumble chatter today with all the OYO counting of reps. Q suggests renaming DC to “HC”. FNG Jeremy returned for his 2nd post – welcome Retainer! Lots of great things happening in F3 Indy – several 2nd F events, meetups, 3rd F events happening at several AO’s, expansion, etc. Prayers for all our F3 brothers to continue to grow as men of impact, and reach out to men who can benefit from F3 in their lives. Anyways an honor to lead such a great group of men. Aye!

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