Legs on Fire

11 PAX in attendance on this chilly 43 degree Wednesday morning.

  1. Maestro
  2. Cubby Blue
  3. Pew Pew
  4. Popeye
  5. Piper
  6. Wapner
  7. Jay-Z
  8. Crabby Po
  9. Bubblicious
  10. Boucher
  11. Stache (QIC)


  • Maestro Lap
  • Abe Vagotas IC x 10
  • Finkle Swings x10 each leg
  • Quad Stretch OYO
  • Grass Pickers IC x 15
  • Calf Stretching OYO
  • Hamstring Stretch 30 sec
  • Butterfly Stretch
  • Leg Pretzel Stretch
  • Back Stretch
  • Tempo Squats x 10


CAP Lap with 3 stops for exercises, rinse and repeat 1x, hold wall sit until all PAX completed

  1. 20 Skaters each leg, 20 leg raises
  2. 20 Box Jumps, 50 calf raises
  3. Leg Blaster

1 minute wall sit, 15 second break, R&P

Mosey to Happy Place

30 yard alternating lunges, stopping for jump squat every other lunge. Hold Al Gore until all PAX completed.

Monkey Humper Line of Fire x 10

30 yards back, Leapfrog Squat Jump

Mosey to the Hill

Hill sprints x 3 – lunges at the top of the hill from one bench to the other, leapfrog squat jumps at the bottom of the hill – 3 laps.

Mosey to the flags

Monkey Humper ROF x 10


Short Mary due to time.

  1. LBC’s x 20 IC
  2. Heel Touches x 10 IC
  3. V-Up Roll-Ups x 10 OYO


Monday’s routine was a great day to loosen up the legs, today was the day to burn them to the ground. Most excellent to have double digit attendance once again. We have now strung together multiple days of double digits over the last two weeks. Awesome!

Not much mumble chatter today. Suck factor seemed relatively high. Boucher pointed out this was the first time we’ve done a day dedicated to just legs since he started attending, which is coming up on about a year now. Probably should do a better job of this moving forward. Perhaps the return of Crabby Po’s infamous Legtona 500 sometime in the near future. We don’t want to end up being all chest and no legs, like Piper…..

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