1982 Trivia Block Party

Weather: A nice Indiana fall night. Dry and cool 58 degrees.

2 pax: Zoolander (Q) and Zamboni

Disclaimer and Core Principals given

Warm Ups- Weed Pickers 20 IC, Side straddle hops 20 IC, Arm circles 10 little circle 5 big circle IC

Work out: the Q had a deck of playing cards with 1982 trivia (some of the best people I know were born in 82). ❤️= Overhead press ♦️ =Curls ♠️ = calf raises ♣️= Goblet squats. Q only used the even cards. Pax did 5 exercises then went through the trivia.
After we worked through the cards we carried our Cindys around the track.

Mary: LBC 12 IC, Dead Bugs 10 IC, Low Plank 1 min, Side planks 1 min e.s.

Moleskin: It’s been a while since I Q’d a workout and had a brain fart and forgot the name of SSH! My brain would only remember Jumping Jacks. It’s funny that I have no problem remembering merkins but I can’t remember SSH! For the workout, I had planned that if someone could answer the trivia correctly they could take 2 off of their round of exercise or give 2 to another pax. With only 2 pax (one being the Q) it was impossible to do.

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