8/21 Carb Day at The Hill

16 Pax posted to The Kindernapolis Motor Parking Lot for a Cinder Block workout.

Weather: When it is this nice, do the details matter. I pity those that pay to workout inside on mornings like this one

PAX: Kindergarten Cop (Q/Race Director), Khaki, Dr Porkchop, Pickles, Square, Teddy, State, Ponzi, Maize, Commodore, Headlock, Brickyard, Sarge, Pew-Pew (newly named), Nomad, and Cornwallis.

-Motivator from 5 (YHC is of opinion Motivator of 5 or less DOES constitute warm-up)
-Arm circles forwards and backwards
-Imperial Walkers ICx10

PAX counted off by 3s and moved to lower parking lot for drivers meeting.
PAX to complete the following:
25 block Merkins
25 block curls
25 goblet squats
25 overhead presses
Run/mosey 1/8th mile lap

Rinse and repeat 4 times for a total of 500 block repetitions and 1/2 mile mosey.

Stopwatch was running and PAX to record elapsed time after crossing finish line.

Mary: LBC 4 ct ICx25, rinse and repeat for total of 50 LBC

Moleskin: Great morning for some lifting and shifting! Carb, Carbs, and C.A.R.B. Today’s Carb Day race was unofficially sponsored by Jack’s Donuts. Pit road along the short chute following turn 2 was stocked with a box of Jack’s donut holes. Following the parade/warm-up lap, PAX were bustin’ it. Khaki was first to complete the first block reps and led the event wire to wire. YHC is pleased to report the entire event was run under the green flag so it was indeed a neeeewwwww traaaaaaack recoooorrrrrrd. Great camaraderie on display as entire field came out to pick up the six on the last lap. That’s what F3 racing is all about.

Khaki (12:40) was awarded the winners trophy and proceeded to consume it during announcements and Name-O-Rama.

Always a pleasure joining you guys in the gloom.

Kindergarten Cop

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