no party like a grizz block party

weather 64 degrees

6 pax posted at The Grizzly for an epic block party. Pappy, Wrigley, Zamboni, Cosmo, Dr. Porkchop, Snaphook (Q)

disclaimer given

Warm up: Sun Gods : forward and reverse, Weed pickers, Cherry Pickers, Seal Claps.


20 Curls, farmer carry out 50′, 10 Block Mericans, Farmer carry back. Rinse and repeat x3.

20 kb swings, Zamp carry out, 10 Overhead Presses, Zamp carry back. Rinse and repeat x3.

Piston: (squats with blocks, block to ground, back up, squat.. and so on. for a lenghty period of time).

20 Block plank jacks, Zamp carry out, 10 Block dips, Farmer carry back. Rinse and repeat x3.

various plank positions with block.

Hundo- 25 Curls, Farmer Carry, 25 Goblet Squats, Farmer Carry, 25 Mtn Climbers, Farmer Carry, 25 Overhead Presses, Farmer Carry.


Flutter Kicks x25IC

Heel Touches x25IC

Hallelujah Block Flutters x 25IC

Pretzel Crunches L and R 10IC


COT, Namo, Prayer and Picture.

Moleskin: Not much chatter early on as we were pretty consumed with our blocks and goals. YHC noted that Grizzly has a great moon shot in the mornings, Dr. Porkchop started to blush as i was closest to him in side plank when i noticed this. I had to clarify that the moon to the East was my focal point. Great to be back in action. always a privilege- snaphook

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