Monday Night Moves Block Party

Weather: 79 cloudy and muggy

2 PAX showed up for the first (of many) Monday Night Block Party Beat Down. DC, Zoolander (Q)

Disclaimer given

Warm up

Toe touches 10 sec each leg

Weed pickers IC 10

Arm Circles IC 15

Motivators x5

Beat down 3 x repeat

Double pump sumo x15

C sit w/ overhead press  x 20

Squat w/ front raises x12

Single arm row x12 each arm

Lateral lunge w/ goblet hold x10 each leg

Skull crushers x15

Calf raises x12 IC

Curls x15 IC up 1 down 2-3

Dead bug x15 ic
Side plank hold 30 sec each side

 Reverse crunch x15 icCross Crunch x10 ic

Windshield wipers x10

moleskin: I was glad to have DC there with me tonight. 2 is a great start, keep working on the EH’s that say that the gloomy is too early. They have no excuses now

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