A.L.A.R.M. Beatdown 8/13/20

6 pax reported at the Pit. 64 degrees and clear skies. Cornwallis, Dr. Porkchop, Square, Ponzi, Cougar, Kitty (q).

Warm-up: weed pickers ICx15, kick w/ twist ICx15, squat hold + arm circles ICx10 each direction, 21’s (punishment = circle of merkins x2 rounds). Mosey to starting point by retaining wall.

Thang – ALARMs (arms, legs, abs, run, mary).

1. (20 reps ea) – carolina dry docks, Bobby Hurleys, bay city scissors (8ct = 1), mosey 1 lap around lot, j lo’s (both sides = 1). Hit snooze for 10 count.

2. (40 reps ea) – hand release merks, lunge (1 leg = 1), Freddy Mercury’s (1 movement = 1), mosey, big boi’s. Hit snooze for 10 count.

3. (60 reps ea) – dips, squats, pickle pointers, mosey, lbc’s. Hit snooze for 10 count.

4. (80 reps ea) – air press, twinkle toes, pickle pounders, mosey, gas pumps (in & out = 2 reps). Hit snooze for 10 count.

5. (100 reps ea) – overhead claps, calf raises, flutters (ea leg = 1), Mosey, American hammers. Turkish getup.

Recover recover! Slowsy to flag, count ‘em off, name-o-rama, COT.

Moleskin – great morning to get down to the Pit to hang out with those guys. Got a great core group developing. Not much mumble chatter today as we kept a brisk pace to get all 5 alarms in on time. YHC pointed out early on that, yes, double the Mary in this beatdown for those keeping score. Great to meet some new guys and talk about the privilege of Q’ing workouts. Tons of support out there for guys who are preparing for a VQ! Prayers for family members going through medical procedures, and for our brothers in the F3 nation. It was an honor to lead today – thank you, men! Aye!

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