Block Party PT Test at Grizzly 08.12.20

Weather 65 degrees and clear(ish).

9 Pax reported…Cosmo, Cornwallis, Kitty, Newman, Jackie Moon, Coyote, Kindergarten Cop, Chirp Chirp, and Wrigley (Q).

Disclaimer given.

Warm up:

  • Arm circles forward and back IC x10 each
  • Wall sit
  • SSH IC x21
  • Mosey around the building and back to the wall

The Thang:

PT Test. Circled up in the parking lot.

  1. Kettle Bell Swings for 2min

2. Curls for 2min

3. Zamp Hold for time

4. Goblet Squats for 2min

5. Overhead Press for 2min

6. Farmers Carry for distance

7. Block Merkins for 2min

8. 8-ct Man Makers for 2min

No time for Mary.

Moleskin: It is getting darker and staying dark. Ugh. Everyone showed up ready to put in massive effort, even Kitty who just did a PT Test last Friday at the Hill. There’s definitely no quit in Cosmo who rocked the Zamp Hold for 5 min to show the younger guys that “respect” is earned not merely given. More grunting than mumble chatter. This was the first PT Test for three of the Pax (Jackie Moon, Newman, and Coyote). Good work today men. Always a pleasure to be in the gloom together.

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