Playground cards


The Pit

QIC: Cornwallis
Pax: Cougar, Woody Woodpecker


SSH x 20 IC
IST x 10 IC
Windmill x 10 IC
Weedpickers x 10 IC

Mosey to the playground

Hearts- 99 pull ups
Diamonds- 99 Merkins
Clubs- 99 Squats
Spades- 99 LBC’s
Jokers x 2- Run a lap around the soccer field

Run around and make our way back to the start, the long way round.

Freddie Mercury x 25 IC
Morning/Night x 10
Flutter Kicks x 25 IC
Sun Dials 360 degrees left, pickle pounder, 360 degrees right, Peter Parkers
1 Min low plank

-Looked like it was just Cougar and YHC, so we set off for the school. Cougar asked if we needed to modify because there were only two of us, but no need.
-Once we got to the school playground we laid out the cards and started working. Then out of the darkness Woody Woodpecker just appeared out of nowhere.
-It was good to do pull ups again, but man they hurt doing 99 of them
-Finished surprisingly a little earlier than anticipated, so stretched out a run.
-Great to be out this morning! Weather was perfect!


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