Ladies Choice Block Party – Grizzly 08.03.20

Four pax reported at Grizzly for a block party beatdown under a beautiful full moon and a plethora of twinkling stars, with temps in the low 60’s and a crispness in the air.

Cosmo, FNG now known as Newman, Kitty, and Wrigley (Q).



  • SSH IC x25
  • Weed pickers IC x25
  • Windmill IC x25
  • Arm pretzels IC x25
  • Wall sit Moroccan nightclubs IC x40

As no one officially signed up to Q, at 9:30 the night before YHC was determined to workout so he sent out a preblast and hoped someone would show up. So we circled up with Cindy and took turns calling out a block exercise to perform. They went something like this:

  • Chest press (laying down) x25…since we’re still in swimsuit season
  • Pull throughs x25 (both sides count as one)…since there’s nothing better than the smell of Cindy in the morning
  • Line up on the first parking space. 8 count man maker then walk to the next line. 18 in total to the other end of the parking lot. It was at this point YHC questioned letting Cosmo pick an exercise.
  • Zamperini hold as long as possible
  • Curls x20
  • Rows x25
  • Farmer carry to the end of the parking lot while your partner ran down, back, and down again. Then switch.
  • Block throws in the grass from the path to the woods and back
  • Big boy situps x10
  • Goblet squats x30
  • Skull crushers x25
  • Probably missing a few, but you get the idea.


  • LBCs IC x50
  • Flutter Kicks IC x25
  • LBCx IC x50 (yes we did this twice because YHC was still mad at Cosmo for the man makers)
  • 8 count Bay City Scissors IC x10


Moleskin: Always a fun time when a really solid workout comes together organically and everyone has input into the level of suck. Welcome to Newman (Jason) who had the misfortune of being EH’d by Cosmo so we went the Seinfeld route despite some good beer brewing choices. Looking forward to getting some of the guys back off the vacation circuit and having a block party PT test in a couple of weeks. Have a good week and go be a HIM!

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