Cornwallis- 39


5 Pax at Big EZ

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Motorboat, Sarge, Brickyard, Mcstuffins

5 Core Principles

SSH x 20
IST x 10
Windmill x 10
Weedpicker x 10
Mtn Climbers x 30 IC

Thang: 4 Corners with a different exercise to spell CORNWALLIS. all 39 reps

Carolina Dry Docks x 39
One Legged Burpees x 39
Run 39 parking spaces and back
Nipple scraper Merkins x 39
War Hammers x 39
Aligator Merkins x 39
Lt. Dan’s x 39
LBC x 39 IC
IST x 39 IC
SSH x 39 IC

Flutter kicks x 39 IC
Touch them heals x 39 IC

Recover Recover

-Great to be back at Big EZ!
-Sarge came in after the warmup because he overslept and was still half asleep when he got there. Great having you out to get stronger and better each day.
-One legged burpees and nipple scraping merkins were a new kind of suck.
-Motorboat spent time pre workout trying to align Brickyards hips. Brickyard was complaining about loggers rock butt scoot exercise that threw out his back.
-Motorboat caught on to the spelling of my name around the L’s and started trying to guess what was coming next. Nice work paying attention to details. That’ll be useful for the Growruck.
-Always a pleasure to be with you men. Keep pushing yourselves and getting stronger in all areas of your life.


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