The Return of Dr. Porkchop

PAX: Cougar, Square, Ponzi, Dr. Porkchop – Q

Weather – Darker than I remember 6:00 being, almost too warm (70ish)

Warm up – SSH IC x25, Kick w/ twist IC x10, Imperial walkers IC x11

Mosey w/ butt kickers, high knees around to blocks

Grab blocks, move to school (Zamp)

Partner up

100 of each exercise: Block deadlifts, Curls, OHP, Block swings 

Other partner moseys to bars, 5 pull ups 

Blocks away, mosey back to start

Buffering circle – PAX form a circle in high plank position, PAX do merkins one at a time, rotating around the circle until 100 total have been completed 

Motivator from 2 (thanks Ponzi)


W crunches IC x20

Side plank each side – 30s each side 

Flutter kicks IC x25

Recover, recover

Moleskin: Feels good to be back at the Pit. Welcome Ponzi! Always good to see a new face. YHC forgot how hard pull ups are, how to count cadence, and how to take a video, but hopefully this Q knocked the rust off. Being home definitely made me appreciate the blessing that working out together is. Thanks for pushing me and keep accelerating!

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